Daqfactory + multiple labjacks U12


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I have run Daqfactory successfully with 1 Labjack, now I am building an application with 3 Labjacks. (target is 4, but I'm waiting for the 4th to be deliverd)

I can't get Daqfactory to work with 3 Labjacks.

In the Quick->Device configuration all Labjacks are visible and have received a device #. Also I can see input signals here (simulated input with potmeter).

However in the Daqfactory alert panel I get a stream of "Can not claim Labjack" messages. Mostly 2 out of 3 are working (blinking LED), 1 not working with either LED continuous On or Off.

I am not sure I understand the instructions for timing and offset in the help section.

Anybody have some suggestions?

For info:

each Labjack will have two diff. analogue inputs (AI0-1, AI2-3), 3 single ended ana (AI4, AI5, AI6), 1 ana out (AO0), 2 DIO out (D1, D2), 1 DIO in (D8).


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My first guess is that you set the ID of one of the devices to 0. You cannot use the 0 ID or 0 D# if you are using more than one LabJack. Otherwise it does first found and likely is finding the same labjack twice. Thus, its unable to claim that labjack and you are only getting a couple of them working at once.

So, just to restate:

You can only use D# 0 or ID #0 if you are using a single LabJack. This applies to all LabJacks under DAQFactory including the U3 and UE9.

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I think I found the cause of my problem:

During installation of the Labjack set up software using U12SetupV119.exe from Labjack the LabView RTE failed to install. I ignored this, thinking it was not needed. Now I have retried and managed to get the LV RTE installed. (Had to manually set the path for C:\Program Files\LabJackU12Legacy\LabVIEW_RTE_Install and open the lvrt.msi file.

Now all three Labjacks are responding and the error messages are gone. I will continue to develop the application. (I already had the devices numbered #1, #2, #3.)

This leads to a further question:

The Labjack driver version is 1.19. Should I upgrade to 1.20 as you suggested to another forum member?

I followed the instruction in that post, but on my system the ljackuw.dll file is not present anywhere. I am running XP Pro. If needed where should I put the dll file

thanks again for your support,


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