DaqFactory for Linux?


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Since Azeotech has no forum of their own, and since they check and respond regularly right here...

Have you considered doing a Linux version of DaqFactory? It sure would be nice to be able to run on smaller, lighter systems, and probably do it much more reliably!

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Actually, we are revamping our site and will have a forum in the new site in a few weeks. Its long overdue.

Yes, Linux is always in the back of our minds. The trick is that supporting a program is not just about supporting the program but supporting the OS as well. And then there is the issue of so many different builds of linux. For more reliability, control and smaller footprint with the OS whilst still remaining under windows you might consider XPe. Its designed for embedded systems.

Certainly a windows Mobile version will appear before linux, and PDAs are a surprising affordable platform for what you get. I often see OEMs embedding PDAs inside of instrumentation. Its very hard to get a reasonably powerful computer with a touchscreen and USB, ethernet, bluetooth, flash, etc for a few hundred bucks like you can in a PDA.

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