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I want to apply the brake on my windmill in order to keep it's U/V (RPM to windspeed ratio) around 0.7

The formula to get U/V is: (RPM[0]*0.2803030303)/MPH[0]

My brake is powered by a BELIMO damper actuator, input signal 2-10volts

I'm able to control the motor with the eDAC function but I need advices on how to make the U/V control it



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Well, really the best way to do this is with a PID loop. For that you will need DF-Base or higher. You could try and do it with some basic logic in Express but it won't work as well. What you would do is go to the event for either RPM or MPH and then using your formula and some other logic, set the output channel. So if you just wanted to set the output to 5*U/V you'd do:

MyDACOut = 5 * (RPM[0]*0.2803030303)/MPH[0]

where MyDACOut is your output channel. More complex logic would be done the same way.

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