data save first and second .... column of excel


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I want to see data in different columns of excel. For example MyChannel_1 in Column A , MyChannel_2 in Column B and MyChannel_3 in Column C .........

I must use the TABkey on Sequence but I don't know how I will use TABkey in Sequence....

Could you please send me your answers by messages for our excel problem...

Thanks all your attentions.......

(urgent please...)

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I'm assuming you are talking about data that has been logged using a logging set. You have three choices:

1) the default delimiter is the comma (,). If you name your logging file with a .csv extension then Excel will automatically recognize it as a comma delimited values and put the data into different columns. If you don't name it with a .csv extension then Excel assumes you are Tab delimited.

2) You can then tell Excel during the file load into Excel that it is delimited by comma instead of Tab.

3) You can tell DAQFactory to log with Tab as a delimiter by putting TAB in the delimiter box on the Details page of the logging set. Note that it is case sensitive, so it must be "TAB" and not "Tab" or "tab".

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What I explained will solve your problem. To get the date formatted correctly, simply select the A column, then format Cells and select the desired date format. The values are actually date values represented in Excel Format which is decimal days since 1900.

I recommend simply making sure your log file name ends in .csv. So, instead of:




Then Excel should automatically put everything in separate columns.

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But how to format Date in excel format? Everytime I tried always shows a bunch of ##########. Not because is to large to fit inside the cells, instead it displays that because the date and time are negatives.

Ex: number: 39995147878476. Format Cells>Date> 3/14/01 1:30 PM. Returns: #########.

Could you help me on that?

Thank you.

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