use a parameter within a conversion

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I want to calculate a conversion, that has a variable factor/paramter which shall be entered by the user. The formula looks like: a * entered_value = b; where the factor "entered_value" shall be entered by the user. If possible in something like a textbox on the main window.

Is this possible with the Express Version and how?

Many thanks in advance for your help!

Best regards!

Christian Bramsiepe

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you just need a variable. Create a sequence with the Auto-Start checked with the following code:

global entered_value = 0

(of course you can change the variable name, and the initial value)

Then, you can change entered_value the same way you'd change an output channel. The easiest way is with a variable value component as done in the quick tutorials. Create a variable value component, open the properties, press the Analog Out button at the bottom right, type in entered_value, click OK twice and you are set.

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