"@"Is this a bug????

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Why I can't include "@" at first ??

for example::

var.strtest = "@hello"

If you check strtest, you will find out Var.strtest value is "hello",,"@" missing,..

another way::

Var.strtest = "hello@hello"

It will be true ....

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Using @ in a string as the first character is used by the multilingual feature of DAQFactory to specify a string that might be translated. By default, the @ is dropped and the rest of the string used, but if you had an alternative language specified with a translations for "hello", it would use the translation instead. Please see the help file/user's guide, "Pages and Components" -> "Creating multi-lingual applications".

To put a real @ as the first character, simply put two:

var.strtest = "@@hello"

Also, @ only triggers the multilingual translation if its the first character of a string.

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