Setting graph parameters with Edit boxes


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I would like to control some graph parameters using edit boxes. I tried adding a sequence that says:

global ts

to declare a variable named ts.

Then I set the "Set Channel" Property of the edit box to "ts". However, when I set, for example, the axes scale of a graph to "ts" nothing happens. I also tried making a Variable Value display with "ts" as the parameter to display, but that does nothing also. I also tried Var.ts, but nothing works. I saw there was forum post here a couple of years back about setting graph scale with sliders which sounded like it would be helpful, but the reply included links to a "Knowledge Base" which I cannot find on this site, and the links redirect you to the azeotech homepage.


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Without seeing your .ctl document, I can't really tell what you did wrong. Perhaps you never ran the declaration sequence? Anyhow, I've attached a sample.

I should also direct you to read the blog entry concerning the use of edit boxes on main application screens. You should consider using the Set To action of a variable value component, or similar instead.


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