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Hi There,

I am new to Labjack and DAQ. I installed the s/w which came alongwith labjack. I would like to know how to take the analog input values.

First of all, which version do i choose -> standard, base, lite or labjack (Trial Versions)

2) I have gone through the tutorial but I am unable to read values from AI0, AI1, AI3 of the Labjack. I plan to have a Force Sensing Resistor and a resistor in a voltage divider ckt. in all the three analog inputs.

Do I have to type a special code for this in DAQ. If yes, where? , if no, then how do I go about it reading the values.

This is a little urgent and all help is appreciated


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No problem. 1st thing though: if its asking you which version to choose then you have a really, really old version of DAQFactory (at least 2 years old). You should download the latest version from our website at You should also go to and make sure you have downloaded and installed the latest LabJack U12 drivers.

After that, all you should need to do is:

-plug in your labjack

-start DAQFactory

-go to the channel table (clicking CHANNELS in the workspace)

-click Add to add a new row

-give the channel a name

-select "LabJack_U12" for the device type (NOT "Labjack", this is for the U3 and UE9 and new labjacks)

-select 0 for D# to use first found

-select A to D for I/O type

-select 0 for the AI0

-Hit duplicate 3 times to read AI1, AI2 and AI3

-Hit Apply and compile to start polling the device. The light on the U12 should start to flash.

-You can see the data immediately by clicking the + next to Channels in the workspace then clicking on one of the channels and clicking on the "Table" tab.

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Hi there,

After playing around with DAQLab, i am now able to read the values from through AI0, AI1, AI2. Now that this is done, I would like to know as to how to convert this value in terms of Voltage to a force value (joules or pounds). How can we display this in the graph?

This means value of vlg at AI0 should be converted to joules or to pounds. How do u do it in terms of pressure. Just to let you know, i am using a force sensing resistor with a voltage divider as the input to AI0, AI1, AI2 in the Labjack U12.

Same with AI1, AI2.

All help is appreciated.


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