Fractional part of second in FormatDateTime()


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I have DAQFactory time that gives precision well beyond the second. To read this as a human I display FormatDateTime("%a %d %b %H:%M:%S.",MyTime) but this only gives a string down to the whole second. How can I get the fractional part of the second in a table similar to the table view of a channel. There doesn't seem to be the FRAC() function and MyTime - Floor(MyTime) gives me which means string manipulation to get rid of the leading zero. What have I missed?

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There is no Frac() function because you achieve the same thing by simply doing % 1 (modulus 1). To get the fractional to display right, you'll have to split it out yourself:

FormatDateTime("%a %d %b %H:%M:%S.",MyTime) + mid(format("%.3f",mytime),1,10)

Change the .3 to however many decimals you want, possibly increasing the 10.

Like most DAQFactory functions, the above will work on an array as well.

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