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It is my understanding that when a "client" copy of DF is using the broadcast stream from a "master" copy of DF, the channels in the "client" copy have to have a prefix (ex:

This is not convenient when trying to use the same copy of a DF application across the master and clients. Any modification to the master app must then be made in the client app. Keeping track and deploying is a bit of a challenge with our customers.

My question: Is there any way to use just one version of the app on both Master and Slave? If not, is there an easy way (find / replace, etc) to modify a given master app to convert it into a slave app?


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Yes, just set the default connection to your remote connection instead of Local. The default connection is the one that does not require the format. You can actually change it on the fly, which is useful if you have several remotes, all with the same channel names.

Note, of course if you change the default connection from Local, you will have to do to get to any local channels.

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