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My trial period is about out so I thought I had better get this answered. On the attached screen shot please notice two areas. First is the Y axis scale. When I select autoscale on the Y axis, the minimum and maximum appear to be the extremes of the PERSIST data. In this example my


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Autoscaling: to have it autoscale different from what it is programmed (the entire history), you'd have to do one of two things:

1) create your own button to set the ScaleFrom and ScaleTo by doing Min/Max() on the desired portion of your history

2) Make it so the data going into the graph only covers the X axis scaling. In release 5.79 we have made this easy by introducing the CurrentScaleFrom and CurrentScaleTo variables to the graph axes. Since you can subset on time, you can use these values to only pull data for the specified range, and only this data would be used for autoscale. You can see these variables in use in the QuickModPro sample, but basically, if your trace is:


you'd put:


You have to do BottomAxis. because each axis has its own set of these variables. Since you are accessing these variables from within the graph itself, you do not need to name the graph and do Component.graphname.BottomAxis.CurrentScaleFrom.

Bottom Axis numbers: I don't know why it does this. It only does it occasionally, and only when you are playing with the graph properties. Some combination gets the graph off and then opening properties resets it. I have never heard of it displaying the wrong way once you are done tweaking the graph properties. This issue will be fixed in Release 6.0.

Please contact us through the webform if you need a little more time on your trial.

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