How to get the time than an application is working?

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i am developing an application that show a discharge graph of a battery and shows the percent of charge remaining in the battery.

I also want to display the time (in days and hours) the battery is giving voltage to a device. Obviously the application must be run all this time.

Anyone can gives me the code or help?


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Well, I'm unsure when you actually want to start the clock, but basically you want to create a variable, and then store systime() to that variable at the instant you want to start the clock. To create the variable, create a sequence marked Auto-Start and declare the variable. For example:

global starttime

Then, to set the starttime, in sequence script put:

starttime = systime()

This could be in a channel event, in a button Quick Sequence, or anywhere else that takes sequence script. To display the elapsed time, just subtract this value from systime(). For example, put this:

systime() - starttime

in a variable value component's expression. You can use the FormatTime() function to display it in hours, minutes and seconds instead of straight seconds:

FormatTime(systime() - starttime)

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Another doubt:

I have created variables:

global totaltime
global tiempo

and put this code lines in main program:

tiempo = systime()

while (1)
   totaltime=FormatTime(systime() - tiempo)



and in the display page I have created a Variable value display related to "totaltime", but I only gets Tiempo=0.000

Does I need an especial configuration?

Thanks again

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The formattime() function returns a string, not a number. You declared totaltime as a number, and when DAQFactory tries to convert 00:00:01 to a number it just does the first 00. It gets to the : and says, I can't convert any more so I'll stop. Just change your totaltime declaration to:

global string totaltime

Note also, that you don't need to store it in a variable. The way you have it written would be more appropriate if tiempo was a private variable. However, since its a global, you can just put the formattime() expression in the variable value expression directly.

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