Micrologix 1100 y comunicacion By Port Ethernet


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The Ethernet port on the 1100's only talks Ethernet/IP which is a fieldbus protocol. I believe there are OPC servers available for Ethernet/IP, but I'd recommend against it as I'm sure they are pricy ($800?) and I really prefer NOT adding additional software layers between DAQFactory and the hardware. Instead, I'd use a serial to Ethernet converter to make the serial port on the 1100 into an ethernet port and then use our native Modbus driver to communicate with it. You could also talk DF1, but Modbus is probably easier.

For serial to ethernet converters, I recommend going to www.sealevel.com. They are designed for industrial use. When you use them, do not install their software. Instead, browse to the unit as described in their instructions, set the IP, and set the unit to RAW mode (which is not the default). They call is Raw Data Sockets in the manual. Then, DAQFactory can connect directly to the devices without any additional software. There is nothing wrong with their software, but why install more software on your PC? It just creates another failure point and adds overhead. If you get the 1 port model, you'll want to connect to port 4760 from DAQFactory.

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