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After reading the Guru blog about recursive, I started to wonder if it would be possible to have DAQFactory installed on a separate partition/drive other than C:

So if you were logging and exporting data would there be a way for it to know which drive to store the files?

So rather than having


You could have something like


Could the same be done with writing and opening files?

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You could install DAQFactory just about anywhere. We default to c:\daqfactory for two reasons: 1) everyone has a c: drive, 2) there are annoying Windows security issues with installing it in c:\program files among other things.

If you don't specify a path in your logging set, or specify a relative path (i.e. without a \ first), then, assuming you started DAQFactory with the normal shortcut, or one that specifies your install directory as teh startup path, data will be stored relative to that location. You can use the ..\ to go up a level even, so if you knew you were going to install in x:\daqfactory where x: is some random drive, you could do ..\logging to get to x:\logging. Another trick that might work is using the Windows network drive mapping. Have it always log to m:\logging or some other letter, then map m: to whatever local drive you want. You might have to go through networking to get to it, but it should work.

Of course you can always simply create some screen components to let the user specify where they want to log their data.

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