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I've run in to an odd issue with the Combo Box screen component. I have ten items in the list, and the combo box sets a variable used to pull soil type names out of an array.

All of it works fine - the correct value is placed in to the variable and the correct name is selected from the array, but after making the selection, the name that's displayed in the combo box component itself is cometimes incorrect. For instance, when selection 3 is set, the name for selection 2 appears. When selection 8 is set, the name for selection 7 appears.

Now, the names of the items in the list are similar - soils go by general texture descriptions such as "Loam", "Loamy Sand", "Sandy Loam", "Silty Clay", "Silty Clay Loam" and so on. The names that get incorrectly displayed are the ones that start with similar names - when "LOAM" is selected, it's "LOAMY SAND" that sets displayed.

Is there a way to get around this? I'm guessing this is because of the way that DF processes the name displays in the "back office".

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UPDATE. Have verified that this issue seems to be due to the similar starting charcters of the soil names. Changing the list to read something like


2.Sandy Loam

3.Loamy Sand


completely cures the issue. So, for now, we've edited the pull-down list to include a space ahead of the offending values so they're sufficiently different not to be improperly displayed.

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