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Hello, Thanks for responding quickly to our question.

I am not sure if we are talking about the same program. We have DAQFactory for Labjack 4.14 (single Labjack).

The example code you gave us has no place from our understanding in the sequence construction.

Each line in the sequence must have a time, command and expression (depending on command). Your example code is not written in this format. You also used a function Mychannel.ClearHistory(). We tried this function in one of our sequences on a virtual channel. We used all the commands that are possible and listed that line of code in the expression column. The program would not recognize it as a function (font is the color red instead of green).

There is no section in the help that outlines clearing the history of channels that we were able to find.

Thanks, Team GSE

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Yes, that was the purpose of my very first question. Release 5 is now available and I thought you were running under that release. Please go to our website and download it. You can upgrade for free, though you won't have access to all the new features. Release 5 is quite a bit different than release 4, including a complete scripting back-end and new, much improved, logging/exporting methods. Some things from your old doc won't work (like logging), so you'll need to plan for an hour to learn about the new logging sets and implement them. But in the end I think you'll like the new version much better, and you'll be able to do everything I've described so far.

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