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I have been trying to get my labjack u3 working as a timer from within lab factory express but I am failing.

If I look in the factory express help I get no help specifically for the labjack and vice versa.

Where can I download some example .ctl files that run with the express version and labjack u3 (I found some but they would not load so I am assuming they work only with the full daqfactory).

Ta, Alex

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There is a full 80+ page manually that describes using the LabJack with DAQFactory (DAQFactory - LabJack application guide) and it comes with a sample doc for just about every page. Much of it is on timers. If you don't have it, or somehow got the samples but can't run them, then you probably have an older version of Express. Go to www.daqexpress.com to make sure you have the latest.

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