How close the COM port?


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Dear Forum,

I am running a DaqFactory application for download data from a remote instrument using GSM modem.

This DF application run in a computer (10 minutes, 3 times each day) where several different application access to the modem in different time of the day, in order to download data from different instrument.

What I need is let daqFactory use the COM port (shared modem) while it comunicate whit the instrument, and leave the port "free" in the rest of the time.

Is it possible?

Hope to make clear my self.


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Yes it is. What you do is set the com port # to 0 and reinit the port. You do this with a few lines of script. Lets say your device is mymodem, and its on com3:

// disconnect:
device.mymodem.port = 0

// do other stuff

// reconnect
device.mymodem.port = 3

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