Custom symbols and Panel Resizing

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If you want a transparent background you are going to have to draw the symbol in a vector drawing tool like Illustrator. You need one that will export to WMF files and I'm not even sure all versions of Illustrator support this. If you do a search for windows metafiles I believe there are a couple of very inexpensive metafile drawing programs. You cannot use Photoshop, Paint or other bitmap style drawing programs if you want transparent because DAQFactury there is no transparent. These aren't GIFs.

I should mention that if you aren't going to animate or change the image dynamically, its often easier to draw your entire schematic in photoshop and make it a static background for the entire page. You can make individual parts of the schematic clickable by putting panels behind it. The municipal water sample does this.

As for resizing, you can move and resize any component dynamically. They all have the same variables/functions for their position:

Position: (variable with 4 elements containing entire position)





MoveTo() : function that moves to a particular location, maintaining size

MoveBy() : function that offsets the position maintaining size

Note that some components, such as variable value (with Align = 0), automatically size themselves, so changing PositionBottom and PositionRight won't do anything.

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