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Hi every one,

I've just update lastest version DAQ, the Modbus TCP Slave now is ok but it just respond only a ID, I want DAQ with multiple ID TCP Slave, Plese help me.

I have a software that working as MB TCP Master, he read Slave ID from 1 to 3 from 3 differ posittion GE FANUC PLC. But in simulation i don't want to spend 3 PC for solving.

Please tell me what can i do

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The DAQFactory modbus slave only supports a single ID at a time. I'm not completely sure what you are trying to do and why you would need multiple IDs, but here are a couple options:

1) If you just need multiple TCP connect points, you can create multiple TCP Server ports in DAQFactory as long as the port # is different. So, use 502 for one, 503 for the next, and 504 for the third. This assumes of course that your master's can read from non-standard modbusTCP ports (502 is the standard)

2) You can run multiple instances of DAQFactory on the same machine. You'll again have to use different ports for each one. You cannot have two instances of DAQFactory (or any other software for that matter) hosting a server on port 502.

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