min/max display on gauges

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MIN/MAX pointers are available on some components(gauges); can you point me in the right direction on what expression to put in the min or max expression window.

Do you have code to capture min/max values on a daily basis.



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You can really put anything in min/max. I sometimes even use these to mark setpoints and other non-min/max type values. But, if you want min/max, you can just put in the min/max formulas. Lets say your gauge is displaying mychannel[0]:


would return the minimum value for mychannel across its entire history.

If you just want today's min, you'd do something like this:


0h converts to midnight today. 0h+86400 is midnight tonight (because there are 86400 seconds in a day). I'm then subsetting by time: asking DF to give me all the points between midnight today and midnight tomorrow (24 hrs), and then taking the min() of those points. Max is the same, just replace min with max. You can put these expressions right into the edit box in the gauges. You can also, of course, put them in the expression of a variable value component to display the value as a number.

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