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My further mission is to create an aquarium/terrarium control unit. But for now I'm just trying to get the hang of it and in order to do that I'm playing around with the good ol' "trial & error" method. Unfortunately the score is much higher on the "error" side of the count :D

First of all, here's the equipment I currently use:


EI1050 Probe

LJ compatible 8 relay card (from easydaq / connecting directly to IO8 to 15)

and FactoryDAQ Express

I stated my question regarding the EI1050 probe elsewhere already.

The question here is probably far more basic: I just want to turn a relay on and off by pushing a button I created on a page.

So I currently have a button set to toggle the value on a channel (set to DigOut) between 0 and 1. This has corresponding Display telling me wether the output is high or low. The Problem is: the related relay does switch, but only for about a second and then it turns off again, allthough the according channel value stays at 1. I also tried to write a simple sequence " Channel = 1 " and asign that to the action ofthe button - same result.

I have a lot more questions - should I start new threads for each (so users might find it easier in the future) or simply keep adding them into one thread?

Thanx in advance!

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I had the problem "solved" before I read your answer... by trying the whole thing in the Factory Pro Trial Version. Obviously the timing there was set to 0. Works fine now!

The visual appearance of the Pro Version is much better too. So I'll probably opt for the Lite Version. I seriously hope that all I do now will run on the light version - especially since I have allready incorporated quite a few objects (eg. LEDs, Edit Controls, Switches,...) that aren't available in Express.

Anyway: THANKS for the help!

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