Multiple U3 + AnyWhereUSB + DAQFactory


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I asked this over at the Labjack forum and they said it should work. I'm not sure if they used DAQFactory in their tests or not. So I'm checking with you folks.

What I would like to do is use the AnyWhereUSB Ethernet USB concentrator from B&B Electronics. These would hang off my network at several places and then have U3 DAQ modules plugged into the AnyWhereUSB modules.

From reading the manual it seems each AnyWhereUSB you use gets setup with an IP address but it doesn't really explain how I would drill down to the unit and pick out a USB U3 module connected to it.

Hae you any experience with this or will I be flying into uncharted waters?



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I'm afraid you are on your own, though really I'd post on the LabJack site since this is a hardware issue. I would think that they provide some sort of driver that makes the remote device still look like its on the USB port. USB is a little weird. With normal RS232 to ethernet converters, you are talking about two general transport layers that have easy api's, so, for example, DAQFactory can just connect over ethernet instead of rs232. But with USB, the code is in the manufacturer's (i.e. LabJack's) driver, not DAQFactory, so we are subject to what they can do.

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I would assume the same thing. The B&B units would be pretty useless if they didn't make some sort of wrapper. I think, though, that you are just going to have to buy one and try it. You might contact B&B and find out how it works, or at least make sure you can return it.

If you don't mind, please post your results so others know whether or not it will work.

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