Dead device in Multi Drop

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Using Modbus RTU with several devices (This is not a modbus specific topic, so I posted it here), When I power up the Azeotech PC with no connection to the modbus, I get a clear indication on the Value channel that there is no data. A RED X across the value.

When in operation, all data is shown up and tables of channels fill up.

However, when now a device drop and dont communicate, the LAST VALUE is displayed on the screen, no dtat is updated anymore, and nobody get noticed that we have wrong process value display.

SURE, there is a timeout event, but operators dont relate this event with the data.

Is there a way to get back that wondefull red X on the value when we have a comm issue?

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You can't really get back to the red X without clearing the history, but you can detect the comm issue by looking for the age of that point. The age is simply:

systime() - mychannel.time[0]

you can then look and see if its > some value and make something visible, change to red, or flash when this occurs.

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