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I am using your DaqFactory trial version to see if this would work for me. I need to communicate to 7 Ethernet Modbus TCP/IP devices that are connected to a local network. I was able to use your modbus scanner to read one of the device. How do you setup the DaqFactory to read multiple devices with different IP address using Modbus TCP/IP?

Thank You.

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The modbus scanner (quickmod or quickmod pro) are only setup to read from one device. If you want to read from multiple devices that are on different IPs then you need to create a DAQFactory device for each. The directions for setting up a device are described in the help under the serial/ethernet section (towards the back). You basically just repeat for each of your devices, specifying a different IP and giving each device a different name. Then, when you go to the channel table, you'll see that each of your new devices is listed under Device.

Note that if your devices were all on the same IP (though, say, an Ethernet to 485 converter), but had different Modbus IDs, you'd create a single device, and then specify the ID in the D# column of the channel to distinguish between them.

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