Right config in displays digital inputs??

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I have a digital device connected labjack U12.

DAQ is reading it as 0 all the time until I push a button on the device, returnig me a 1 in that case.

I want to make a page with the White pilot light and change it into red pilot light when digital input is equal to 1, but I do not know how to do it.

Anybody could help me?


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It depends on which version of DAQFactory you are running. In all version except Express, you can use one of the LED indicators, enter your digital channel name followed by [0], and change the colors as you wish. If you are using Express, you are going to either have to create your own images for both states, or use a symbol component with no images, but have the background color change. This second way will result in a square indicator however.

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Hi I have full DAQ.

I put as expression digital[0] and in Action "Toggle Between", but the only thing I get is a color change between red and white every 1 second.

What is the right expression I must use to get the color change when digital inputs toglles between 1 an 0.

(1=red, 0=white).


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