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I am working on an energy monitoring solution for one of our clients and need help in producing a data to be imported into MS Access, we are reading energy from 42 energy meters in a bank and producing energy used data every 30 minutes. I need to log or export this data to a file format that is very easy to import in to MS Access, I want to make the time /date a format the same as access so the import does not produce errors.

Altough I can edit the data to work with Access my customers do not have the experience needed to complete this action they just wnat to merge external data into access and produce pre designed reports

Any help would be appreciated


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Import in Access? Why not just log directly to Access? You can use ODBC for this. You can either use a logging set, which is easiest to setup, but not as flexible, or use the db. functions to send your own queries. This second method gives you the ultimate flexibility, and is probably what I would suggest.

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