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Having recorded various device type in "CHANNELS"

In a page, I would like to select the one from device type prestored by means of one " Combo box" or the other.

Once selected, I would like to display the value of this device type in a " Variable Value ".

The purpose is to be able to show various values in various places at the same time. (Addressing IP different or identical).

Thank you in advance for your answers!

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You can't really select the device type, but you could do what you want by naming all your channels for a particular device with the same prefix, say:






You could use something more detailed than just d1 or d2 too, just make sure they are the same for all channels on a single device.

Then, create a global string variable that contains the currently displayed prefix:

global string curprefix

Use the combo to select and set this variable with a prefix.

Then in your variable values, graphs, etc, instead of putting pressure[0], or even d1_pressure[0], put:

evaluate(curprefix + "_pressure[0]")

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