ODBC Connecting problem!!


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I have an anomaly using ODBC.

I'm already logging channel's data to a MySql DB successfully (using MySql ODBC driver 5.1).

Now I need to access the same DB (to use different tables from those used from logging process), to read some stuff into DF and to interact with the DB throw queries.

Once the sequence execute the instruction:



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You may need to open using openex and specify ODBC:

handle = db.OpenEx("DSN ='MyDSN'; UID =;PWD=;ODBC;")

or you may need to try it without.

You also may need to use a user dsn, though I doubt that.

There isn't much detail on the O errors, and there are only 5:

O1000: invalid database handle provided: you tried to do something and specified the wrong handle from Open()

O1001: invalid recordset handle provided: you tried to work through a query providing the wrong handle from Query()

O1002: unable to open database

O1003: unknown error accessing database

O1004: Unable to run query

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