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I am trying to get a new file name each time I start/stop the data logging. I have tried many different things with no

Basically, I trying to read distance with a string potentiometer, and using another channel to trigger when to take the data. I have an export set up with the conditional statement in the trigger channel that will start the export when the trigger value goes above 2 volts. I have a button set up on page_0 that will start the logging. I also have a button that will start the logging with a file name change (as seen in one of the examples).

Attached is the .ctl I have created, and am looking for some help.


Andy Doc


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Hello, I need the same. When the user stops and then restart the logging, a new file is created. Because customers want to have a new logging file when they start a new experiment. With this logging file, only the data from that experiment and not from all the others ones before. I know it can be done by scripting, but I think it should be a standard option in DAQFactory.

Greetings Bart

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Standard option? The problem with standard options is that in order to cover all the standard options that everyone that uses DAQFactory needs, the configuration pages for Logging, Channels, etc, would be 100 pages long and you'd never be able to find the option that you want. Scripting provides a more precise and much more flexible way of doing it. In this case, changing the logging set name on start takes exactly one line of script. More importantly, because its in script and not a standard option, you can script it to format the file name however you want. You can use the date, you can use an incremental number, you can use today's lottery numbers if you want.

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