Disable/Enable single Labjack

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Dear Guru,

I am using daq factory for control and for download data from an instrument using labjack ue9.

Some times I need to connect a supplementary module to the system in order to calibrate the instrument and I control that module using U12. Actually I use two different DF programs, one for each labjack.

What I am trying to do is to control both labjack whit same DF program, but I would like to avoid the warning message that come out when I disconnect the supp. module (U12).

Is possible to temporary disable a single LabJack (keeping the relative channell in memory) and enable it when is necessary again?

Hope to make clear myself,

Many thanks in advantage.

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I'm assuming you are using Channels with Timing to query your LabJack's. If so, then just set your timing's on the U12 channels to 0 and restart:

myU12Chan.timing = 0

myotherU12Chan.timing = 0


then to restore, just do the same thing, but set them to a non-zero value

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