How do I use a toggle switch to set a value on another component

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I am relatively new to DaqFactory.

I would like to use a toggle switch to retrieve a value from a dynamic text box and apply it to Dac0.

The idea is to click on the toggle setting state to 1, get value, apply value to Dac0.

Click on toggle again setting state to 0, apply value of 0 to Dac0

Your advice is eagerly sought.

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If I'm understanding you right, the Descriptive Text component will do this for you. Just create a new descriptive text component, open its properties and hit the digital Out button. Type in the name of your channel (Dac0?), and hit ok twice. Every time you click it, it will toggle the digital out, as well as change the text and the color. This is demonstrated in the DAQFactory-LabJack Quick Tutorial brochure that should have been in the box with your new LabJack, and is also in PDF format in the Start menu.

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