How to view Raw analog data on Timer Channel of LabJack

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I am reading in a signal from an photo-interruptor using a Period_In Timer on my LabJack U3. It is outputting just fine. Is there a way to simultaneously look at the raw voltage data using DAQFactory?

The Timer is set to pin offset 4 =FIO04 and in the channels I am reading channel 0. When I try to create another channel set it to A to D point it to LabJack channel 4 I get the following error:

D0050:01:0016 LabJack Device #1 error: Request made on pin not properly configured for analog/digital

What would be a good approach to look at the raw data and time it simultaneously?

Thank you.

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You can't read A to D on pin 4 (channel 4) because you have it set to a timer (pin offset 4, timer 0 = pin 4). To do this, just run a jumper from FIO4 to FIO0 and read channel 0 for A to D. This may affect your timer readings, but probably not.

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