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Hi Guru, I am messing about with a flowmeter that has 130 Pulses/Litre. Can you give me some help to read in the pulses and display in L/min. At the moment I am not getting credible values.



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I can't really help with the input itself. You'll need to talk with the DAQ hardware manufacturer about why your values don't make sense. However, to convert from pulses/litre to L/min I can help you. I'm going to assume that you are using a counter and that your are not resetting the counter between reads, so it is simply counting up. You'll need to create a second Test channel to hold the result. Timing = 0, Type D to A, but the rest doesn't really matter. Then in the Event of your RawCount channel, put:

FlowRate = ((RawCount[0] - RawCount[1]) / (RawCount.Time[0] - RawCount.Time[1]))/130*60

The bulk of it is simply giving you pulses per second since [0] - [1] is pulses in the interval, and .time[0] - .time[1] is the length of the interval. So:

pulses/sec * 1/130 litre/pulse = litre/sec * 60 sec/min = litre/min

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