problem is convet to pdf format


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We have a problem about DAQ Factory.

There is a ctl. extension program in addition. This program provides test reports.

The software task of screenshot is to transform pdf format.

We sometimes don't see graphic at pdf. And This program damage during translation at pdf.

We think we use jpeg instead of pdf format. But when we translate at jpeg we don't find a lenght units. (mm, cm or inch etc.)

We are looking forward to your messages.

Best Regards.

Osman Nuri SIRMALI



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Just like the webserver, in order to generate a PDF from a graph, you have to initialize the graph by viewing the page containing the graph, even if only for 0.1 seconds. You can do this programmatically in a startup sequence such as:

page.strCurrentPage = "mygraphpage"


page.strCurrentPage = "mystartpage"

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