Logging CAN data together with analog/digital data (from LabJack)


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Hope I'm posting in the right sub-forum.

I've posted on the LabJack support forums where I was redirected over here.

Basically I would like to log CAN data ((high-speed (1 Mbit/s), not sure which adapter yet, probably the Tactrix OpenPort 2.0 since it's for a 2008 Subaru) in sync with my analog/digital measurements done with a LabJack.

I've found 2 examples of USB CAN loggers which add analog logging via a LabJack, zemulator and Ecutek DeltaDash, so apparentely it is possible.

How could this be done?

And is there any way to guarantee I am logging the data 100% in sync?

Thanks for your help!

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Well the sync part you'll need to talk again with LabJack as its a hardware question. I would doubt it, but their might be a way using the triggered stream mode, provided there was some sort of pulse that indicated when the CAN was doing a reading.

As for getting CAN data into DAQFactory, you first need a converter from CAN into the PC as the PC doesn't have a CAN port and CAN is not like regular serial or USB. Unfortunately, every CAN converter manufacturer has their own software driver, and so we can't write a generic CAN driver for DAQFactory the way we can for serial or Ethernet. However, provided the manufacturer you select has a descent driver in DLL form that doesn't use callbacks and lots of structures, you can pretty easily use the extern() functions of DAQFactory to load and call the DLL and thus communicate with your hardware.

(PS: extern() is not supported by DAQFactory Express which is only licensed for use with the hardware you got Express with (presumably the LabJack). Extern() is supported by all other versions of DAQFactory.)

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