DAQFactory with LabjackU3-HV

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Do you get this error repetitively, or just once? If repetitively, then you probably have mismatched versions. Go to www.daqexpress.com (for DF-Express) or www.azeotech.com (for all other versions) to upgrade your DAQFactory, then go to www.labjack.com to upgrade your UD and firmware.

If you are getting once, just ignore the error. You should be seeing data coming in. The error just occurred during the first attempt to read because you didn't explicitly set the pin type. DAQFactory generated the error, but then automatically changed the pin type for you.

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Thanks for ur reply.

But I am getting the error repetitively.

Surprisingly, If I set the digital output, the output is fuctioning.But there also I am getting the same error in software.

I will upgrade the software of the DAQFactory and Labjack and try again.

Then I have one more question. I am having LabjackU12. Can I connect labjack U12 and LabjackU3 in the same DAQFactory. Would it create any problem.

Please help in analysing the problem.

Thanks in advance.

Backialakhmi :)

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Are you perhaps trying to do output and input on the same pin? Perhaps you can post your .ctl document.

Yes, you can use the U12 and U3 with DAQFactory at the same time. They use completely different drivers though, so make sure and select the LabJack_U12 device when setting up U12 channels.

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