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I apologize if this has been addressed. Searching the forum on the word 'Log' returns 10,000 posts about logging.

I created a simple line graph that has 4 traces on a single axis vs. time. It works perfectly, until I tried to change the 'Style' setting for that axis from 'Lin' to 'Log'. No change on the graph.

In the instructions I see the note: "Style: You can display any axis in either linear or logarithmic scaling. ...... Note that if you try and set an axis into logarithmic scaling and the axis contains traces with illegal log values (i.e. <= 0) then the scaling will revert back to linear."

I not only checked to see that I had no zero or negative values, I made the extra step of adding o.ooo1 to each variable in my graph.

I am using manual Y axis scaling from 0 - 5000 units.

Am I missing something simple?


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