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I dug around the doumnetation and this site a bit but did not see an answer for this, seems like a basic question so sorry if I just missed it somewhere!

I am currently evaluating DAQFactory and I am trying to get the WEB functionality to work for my general viewing purposes. So far I am able to use the built in web server to serve up the pages but it seems that no matter how large I set the MAX image width and height I keep getting an 800x600 image. Any way to change this? I tried doing a straight page capture from the cammnd line but it had the same issue.

Am i missing something or is 800x600 the upward limit?

GREAT product by the way, I will be buying it, just need to decide which version!


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It is under Tools-web settings. You may need to save your doc, quit and restart DAQFactory to get any changes to this value to take effect.

That all said, the built in web server is gradually becoming deprecated. If you are using it only on a LAN (behind a firewall) and only plan on having one person access it at a time, you are probably ok, but otherwise I suggest using the DAQConnect product ( with DAQFactory instead. There are several reasons:

1) if you make it so DAQFactory is accessible from the web (using a static ip, dmz, etc) you are exposing your SCADA system to hackers, and well, need I say more

2) if you plan on having multiple people view the data, this could create excessive load on the computer running DAQFactory. With DAQConnect, all the people are connecting to the DAQConnect servers, not your DF system, so the load remains constant even with 1000 viewers.

Also, DAQConnect displays real time display, and even allows you to view historical data. The DF web server serves static screen shots with no manipulation and refresh required to get up-to-date data.

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