Delete Component Hangup

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I am developing two virtually parallel projects that differ esentially only in having less calculations performed and therfore less screen display components. On occasions I bring the lesser project up to date with a development of the "full" version by deleting the screen components that are not needed in the lesser version.

Ctrl - left click on a component highlights it as normal. Right click brings up the possible choices available as normal. Selecting 'Delete Component' from the list or pressing Shift + Delete causes DaqFactory to stop responding. This is on XP running V5.82 build 1625. In order to try the latest version I have downloaded V5.83a build 1632 as a trial to a machine running Vista and the hangup behavior is the same. Please advise as I dont want to have to recreate the lesser project from scratch.


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What is your screen refresh rate? What about your processor usage (before deleting)?

Also, I always recommend against creating two documents that are similar, and instead try and create one document that encompasses both. This is pretty standard programming practice actually because maintaining two similar code sets is very cumbersome and results in errors. You can use the startup flags to determine which version gets run. Depending on how many controls need to become invisibile on the lesser app, you can either script them invisible/visible depending on the startup flag, or create a second page for that one, but at least all your background stuff remains the same.

This technique I also recommend for those creating server/client apps where there is a central DF server collecting and displaying data, and remote DF sites connecting to it displaying the same, or similar pages.

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