Populate a combo box when making a selection on another combo box

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So that's what I'm trying to do! I've got two combo boxes, and the first one is already populated. I need some code/event/function that would poppulate the other combo when a selection is made on the first one! (depending on the first selection of course).

I know the code on how to populate a combo box (AddChoice), but I tried to select the combo box, and in the LButtonClick event have it run the code, but it doesn't work...

what would be a good way to do this?


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Use a test channel instead of a variable for the result of the first combo. Make it A to D if numeric, or String if string, with Timing 0. Then you can use the Event of this channel to populate the second combo.

The alternate way (and I believe the way quickmodpro.ctl does it (see samples directory)) is to have a sequence running at priority 0 every 200ms or so that looks at the first combo and repopulates the second combo if (and only if) it changes.

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