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Here's my code in a Quick Sequence in a Button:

private string result = System.MessageBox("Clean the probe and put it in the 4.01 pH solution and click OK.  The calibration will take 60 seconds.", "OKCancel")
if (result == "OK")
   PH401Voltage3 = mean(PhVoltage3[0,599])
   Registry.PH401Voltage3 = PH401Voltage3
   System.MessageBox("The probe is now calibrated at 4.01 ph", "OKCancel")

It works OK, but I've got two questions:

1. The first MessageBox stays on the screen for 60 seconds after I click "OK". I thought it would go away as soon as it returned the result from clicking "OK" or "Cancel". How do I do that?

2. What I would really love to happen is that the user clicks "OK" on the first MessageBox and then some other message pops up with a sixty second countdown, and then it would go away and the final MessageBox would display. Any ideas on how to do that?

Thanks for all your help!

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OK, what you are seeing here is why you can't put delay() in component events. The component On click event runs in the main application thread, which is the same one that draws the screen, so, when the dialog is dismissed, the code quickly gets to the delay(), but doesn't give the thread the ability to actually redraw the window without the message box. Bottom line is that you can't put delay() in Quick Sequences.

That said, I would put the delay() in a sequence, started by beginseq(). Actually all the code inside the if() should be in a sequence, except the system.messagebox() which can't run in a secondary thread. To do a countdown, you'll need to create a page that you popup modally, and then have it update with the countdown and the final message. Its actually not very difficult to do. You just need a global variable and an extra page, then the sequence might look something like:

page.mybutton.visible = 0
private st = systime()
while(systime() < st+60)
   page.mytextcomponent.text = "You have " + doubletostr(60 - (systime() - st)) " seconds remaining"
page.mytextcomponent.text = "Compelte!"
page.mybutton.visible = 1

I think its .text, it might be .caption. MyTextComponent is a static text control with that name. MyButton is a button control with a page.mypage.closepopup() action that we make invisible until the 60 seconds are up.

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