opc server migration

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I have developed a system which reads 500 tags from an opc server all running on an office pc. its now time to roll out the app to the end users. to do this I need to install the opc server on a common server.


how will i get daq factory to look in the new location without creating a new channel list which could take days ?

can I point daq factory to the new location ? if so how?


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Is the OPC server not on the same PC as DAQFactory? If its on the same PC, then you shouldn't have to change anything. If its not, then look at the Quick Note / OPC / Special column. There are three parameters separated by ;. The first parameter is the name of computer the OPC server is running on. The second is the GUID of the server itself. The third is the tag name. If you move the OPC server, you simply need to change the first parameter to the new computer. Leave the second and third parameters alone. To find out what it should be, once you have the server moved, just create a new channel using the OPC tag browser and look at what the resulting name is in the channel once setup. Then use that value on all the other channels and delete the junk channel you created.

You can either make these edits directly in the channel table, which would be combursome, but would probably only take 15 minutes, or, if you don't have any channel events, you can export the list to a csv file, then use your favorite text editor (like Notepad) and do Search / Replace to replace the old computer name with the new one, then import that list back.

Just backup your document before doing anything!

Note that you can't really use export/import channels if you are using channel events since they don't get exported.

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