C1136 Timeout: Line 3


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So I've written some code to retrieve measurements form a particular microcontroller through the serial bus. I'm using the Poll function and we have a "~" at the end of each line to tell DAQFactory to ReadUntil(126) basically.

After I execute this line of code:

private string strDataInMCU = device.MCU.Poll("01" , 126) //0: Command number, 1: ID number

I get the data back (which is in the form of: 0,1,2196~), and can parse it (2196 for instance) but I also get this error message:

C1136 Timeout: Line 3

And I have no idea where it's coming from and what it means!

Any ideas?

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I'll let you know about the timeout later... But when I tested it last time, I was getting that Timeout everytime, and there was no other info on what sequence was generating that.

Now, I have a similar problem. What is generating the errors when there is no sequence name is mentioned?? Is it something internal to DAQFactory?

This is what I'm getting everytime I try to connect to the serial-USB bus, and have no idea what "Line 6" this is??

11/18/09 17:30:22.683

C1000 Channel or function not found: Line 6

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