adapting window to suit different monitors

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I am deploying a runtime to several users that monitor extrusion machines.

However all the users have different displays some laptops some desktop and in the future a wide screen TV!

question is there an easy way to adjust the display to fit any monitor. I have had to tweak runtimes to give a correctly spaced display on a widescreen laptop for example?


can daqfactory be run on a thin client network?


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Alas, as you can probably see from some of the other posts, there isn't an easy screen scaling method in DAQFactory. This is probably priority one for the next big release, but requires a fair bit of internal mods to do. You can, however, recreate your screens (cut/paste then tweak) on different pages, and then have the system load a different set of pages. You can see this in the Ashland Water sample document, though in this case, the resolution is selected (you could, for example, store the selection in the registry).

As for thin client, you'd have to use something like DAQConnect (, which is browser based to act as the front end. Although not on the daqconnect site, there is a server option now available if you just want to run it on a small internal network instead of running on the web through DAQConnect servers.

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