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Using version 5.84 build 1636. NOTE: In all the examples below, everywhere there is a backslash one three backslash one zero it is really backslash zero one three backslash zero one zero but the forum software keeps removing the leading zero...

I have a string "MyString":

? MyString\13\\13\

I want to replace the carriage return line feed with ", ". I try:

global newString = Replace(MyString, "\13\10", ", ")
? newString\13\\13\

global newString = Replace(MyString, "\r\n", ", ")
? newString\13\\13\

Why can't I replace the carriage return line feed? What am I doing wrong? Thanks!

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Does your string actually have the eight ascii characters "1310" in it, or is that just from the monitor where it actually is the two characters for CRLF? I think the second because I did this:

global string x = "abcd1310def1310fdjd"

? replace(x, "1310"," ,")

and it worked. If it is that, then you want:

replace(MyString, chr(13) + chr(10) , ", ")

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