Data different in DaqFactory than in Labjack Control Panel


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Am I nuts?

I'm using a Labjack UE9 in an instrumentation & control application. I just added a couple of LM34 temperature sensors to A/D channels 0 and 1. Using the LJ control panel, the values seem very reasonable - there is noise / changes on the 3rd significant digit (1/10ths of a degree F) and the data is stable.

On the DaqFactory, The values jump about 100 times as much. I'm using:

Device Type: LabJack

D#: 1

I/O Type: A to D

Channel: 0 or 1

Timing: 1

Conversion: LM34 to Deg F (Value*100)

The ambient temperature (A/D Channel 141) is read by DaqFactory perfectly. Other A/D channels also track perfectly with the known input / LabJack CP.

But the noise on Channels 0 and 1, as displayed by DF is over 10 degrees F (100mv)


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