DaqFactory Software with new U3


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I have a LabJack U3 currently being shipped to me as a present for my father in law. I want to set up a 4 probe temperature sensor for him for Xmas.

Can I load DAQFactory on my computer and set everything up and then install it later on his computer? ie Is it just a one install licence?


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The DAQFactory Express license is included with every LabJack, so you can install it on as many computers as you want as long as you only use it with the LabJack hardware. So, yes, you can install it on your machine, work with it, then install it on you father-in-laws computer and run it there.

Note that the paid versions of DAQFactory (all but express) are limited to one computer per license. You can move the license (though if you want to move it often you should purchase the hardware key option), but you can only run it on one machine at a time per license.

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