Remote instance DF logging file access over LAN


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Hi, like I promised, I'm posting here now!

The previous topic was:


OK, so my customer has his version of DF on his local office PC. This means he has to keep it running at all times to keep the channel history he needs to make reports. He wants to "transfer" DF to a server computer, but still wants to keep DF on his local PC (to open it whenever he feels like it).

So the simplest way would be to make a remote DF on his computer to get the realtime values of the server PC..

But what about the channel history.. Is that accessible over network?

What would be the best way to access the *.csv files logged by the server on the remote instance of DF? The user would have to put in the date (select desired data) and than be able to access the file in order to receive the data...

I've tried it through the WEB SERVER feature.. I've enabled it and copied my logged data into the web server folder. The data is accessible over LAN (i can download the file from the browser on another PC)!

Looks smthg like this (ok, I know, have to change the port..):

But when I try to copy the file name with the address into a string like a true DF newbie :) and then open the file:

strLOGfile = "" + FormatDateTime("%y_%m_%d.csv",desired_time())

Private FileHandle = File.Open(strLOGfile,1,0,0,1)

I get an error in the line.. I'm sure this is not the right way, could you point me in the right direction?

I'm open for ideas! Thank you!


Seems I get more things figured out when I post on this forum than just working on it myself.. I just brainstormed and tried this before I post this topic and it worked. I shared the \LOG folder on one PC and then mapped the shared folder as a network drive (as Z:). It seems to do the trick..

strLOGfile = "Z:\mydata_" + FormatDateTime("%y_%m_%d.csv",izbrani_cas())
Private FileHandle = File.Open(strLOGfile,1,0,0,1)

Any ideas or is this OK?

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