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I'm having problems renaming a log file (using the file.rename("xx.txt","yy.txt") function) and suspect problem is multiple calls to the function may be holding file open thus getting the wonderful "Share.exe" not loaded error message So.......

I thought I'd put in a simple lock like:-

Function abc()
static x = 0

if (x == 1)
	return()  //only instance at a time
x = 1  //lockout other calls until I'm finished

But I couldn't make it work properly so.... reducing the code to a minimum to make something (Anything!) work I got down to...

New Daqfactory drawing.

Just one sequence created:

function fred()
   static x=0

nothing else, no devices, no components, no globals ... nothing.

Every time I call it from command/alert window with either "fred()" or "beginseq(fred)" all I get output is:


Every time!

I am running this in DaqFactory 5.73b ( as that is the version installed on many systems at numerous customers premises)

I have just tried this on version 5.84 and it seems to work ok.

Is this a known problem in Version 5.73? or maybe is it a problem on my system as I have 5.73 installed in one directory and verion 5.84 installed in another (a DLL Hell conflit?) Is that the cause of my original file.rename problem?

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